Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Purchase Order Information:
All prices shown on this website or in DTG Healthcare documents are subject to change without notice. The customer's purchase order must include complete information or the purchase order will be held from production until all information is provided. The customer bears sole responsibility for the correctness of their purchase order. All orders are subject to DTG Healthcare's terms and conditions regardless of the terms and conditions set forth on the customer's purchase order form. All customer orders must receive credit approval before the order can be entered into production.

Customers should submit purchase orders to:

DTG Healthcare

Ayappa Arcade

No 4, Pampa Extension, Kempapura

Hebbal, Bangalore  - 560024

Mobile: 90085 70066

Selling Information:
Distribution of pricing does not in itself constitute an offer to sell. Orders may only be placed by customers authorized by DTG Healthcare.

Order Acknowledgment:
The customer will receive an order acknowledgment by email. Upon receipt of this acknowledgment, it is the customer's responsibility to verify the accuracy of the order and notify DTG Healthcare Customer Service staff of any error. Once an order is acknowledged, DTG Healthcare is responsible for shipping exactly the item(s) acknowledged at the price(s) acknowledged. No changes may be made once an order has been placed into production.

The customer's order will be shipped upon completion of production using the customer's chosen freight carrier. Every effort will be made to ship orders on the acknowledged ship date. Acknowledged ship dates are contingent upon conditions beyond DTG Healthcare's control. We cannot promise delivery dates, as service by the customer's chosen freight carrier will vary by destination.

Order Cancellations:
Cancellations and/or changes must be communicated in writing to DTG Healthcare Customer Service.  After an order is acknowledged and placed into production, cancellations and changes cannot be accepted.

All prices include packaging.