About Us

DTG Heatlhcare is an imminent company with world class products which is in the business of trading and marketing in rejuvenation products that aim at treating lifestyle diseases.  We are dedicated to providing branded healthcare products at competitive and affordable price.  In our pursuit to offer globally accepted and scientifically researched products, we have stepped into the market to supply the best nutrition’s and supplements required to combat today’s busy life.  We also market weight management and personal care products online.

Our products are truly revolutionary in its history of development and the benefit it gives to the users. Today, this product is available and sold across India and is one of the most well researched nutraceuticals.  It is also the first time in the history of mankind, when the Muppu from Sidda has been farmed to find a remedy to counter several debilitating diseases of our time. Muppu is seen as a major achievement in Sidda medicine and is a combination of three salt-like substances.

Continuing with our business philosophy and our belief in 'Rejuvenation', we have introduced various other products – each of which is a ‘natural powerhouse’ with the potential to bring significant health benefit to its users.